The main mistakes of newcomers to CS: GO

The main mistakes of newcomers to CS: GO

For a successful match in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a beginner doesn’t need much. All it takes is to learn the basic nuances, learn how to shoot and understand what mistakes should be avoided. We will talk about them in this article. You can find more useful information on this site .

Infinite recharge

Any first-person shooter fan knows that you need to reload your weapon constantly. After every kill, after every short burst, after every shot – always. However, in CS: GO, this habit is destructive. The adversary often appears out of nowhere, so confusion awaits those caught in the moment of greatest harmlessness. Lethal.

With a half-empty store, you should assess the situation. You killed the enemy, and there are still many bullets? Then do not rush to press the R button. Around the corner there could be another shooter who will not wait politely. So it is necessary to unlearn from endless recharge. Imagine that you are participating in a real battle where no one would change the magazine after a few shots.

Forgot about the gun

This error stems from the first. The gun should be at hand at all times. With an empty stock of ammunition for your main weapon, you can’t do much. And panicky pressing R in the midst of a fight is a bad idea. Better to switch to a pistol and finish off the enemy. Small pistols in CS: GO are not harmless!

Shooting at friendly

The urgency of this problem has diminished with the advent of the “casual” mode in CS: GO, where personal damage is simply turned off. But, even with the indicators above the heads of the allies, reflexes often take over in the heat of battle. Who among us did not release a clip or two at a comrade who suddenly jumped out?

To avoid an annoying misunderstanding, study the cards. Then an understanding will come from where exactly or possibly the enemy will come running. Of course, the ability to instantly distinguish between friend and foe will also come in handy during a match. First of all, remember the silhouettes of terrorists and special forces, because this will make it easier to navigate. Also, don’t forget about the mini-map. It displays not only the positions of their own, but the approximate location of the seen opponents.

Went into battle without a bulletproof vest

After playing in “casual” mode, it is easy to forget about the importance of body armor. It is then issued for free at the beginning of the round, and in serious matches it is bought along with the rest of the equipment. Survival with armor increases significantly, so do not save. If you have sufficient funds, it is recommended to buy a helmet as well. There are no bricks in CS: GO, but there are plenty of well-aimed snipers. The same goes for the counter-terrorist bomb disposal kit.

Blinding your teammates

Grenades in CS: GO are an essential part of the arsenal. In skilled hands, they decide the outcome of the match, and in inexperienced hands they lead to disaster. You need to learn how to use grenades as well as firearms. Their behavior is quite peculiar, so be sure to practice handling them.

Use AK-47

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has many weapons for every taste and lethality. The beginner will quickly become entangled in such an abundance, which is why he will fall in the first fight. How to be? Take an AK-47 if you play as terrorists. This is one of the best automatic rifles in CC: GO. It is effective at all distances, but especially at medium and long distances. Killing an enemy is carried out with one shot if you hit the head or neck. The AK-47 is considered the standard choice almost in cases where the fighter did not get the role of a sniper with an AWP. You can also get some information here .

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