How To Make A Professional Remix

How To Make A Professional Remix

Module 1

After a short intro from your tutor Jay, we’ll go through the foundational knowledge, covering the terminology and what the goals are concerning our remix. We’ll go through some really helpful tips to keep in mind as you start your remix and we’ll have a look at how to get remix parts, acapellas and the many resources there are and where to get them.

Module 2

This section deals with the very important task of sourcing the key ingredient, the Acapella (Vocal with no music). We show you 10 different websites where acapellas can be obtained and also teach you fully how to extract a vocal performance from a commercially released song. We then explain how to manipulate and chop / timestretch the vocals to fit into your track and also how to find the musical key of them.

Module 3

Now we know the key and tempo our vocal is written in we can start to build our remix around it, so In this third section we start to pick all the other elements that are going to make up our remix. We’ll start by building the foundation of our track with the kick and percussion, then move onto writing and creating an analogue synth bassline. We’ll also create the main melody for our remix and add other rhythmic elements.

Module 4

Vocal chops have become a popular technique in modern dance music. We’ll cover how to do this with a sampler and what FX can be added to make it gel with the rest of the track. The structure of any song is important and can be used to keep the listener pulled into the track. Here we’ll start to work on the arrangement of our track and add structure to the various elements.

Module 5

Following on from our basic arrangement we’ll start to bring the track to life as we start to add SFX sounds and begin work on the break downs and build ups of our track. A good emphasis on ‘tension & release’ is vital to getting your track to stand out from the others so we’ll go through how to do this in our track. We’ll also layer up some of the sounds in our mix to fatten them up and keep the mix exciting as it progresses.

Module 6

No one is going to want to hear your remix if sounds like a mess, so it’s really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together. In the remaining lessons you’ll see how the remix is mixed and mastered to give it a polished sheen that will play across all mediums. Last but by no means least you’ll learn how to get noticed, what channels you can use to promote yourself and how to take your music career to the next level.

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